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Image descriptions:

1) No sun in sight, but the sunset light is reflected on the clouds above. Below you are elevated highways and a metro station. On the far back, unusually shaped skyscrapers.

2) Night; and luminous cones indicate the way for cars to pass. around 30 to 50 cars have passed in what seems to be just an hour. In front of you, skyscrapers block the view; office buildings for very expensive companies.

3) A long corridor surrounded by giant walls - no, it's buildings. Above you, Japanese letterings and narrow curtains of advertised businesses, both local and international like Seven Eleven, or Sparkle.

4) A tech market building at midnight; on the corner there's a 24/7 pharmacy. All the building has doors plastered with advertising that contrast with the dull uniformity of tech products on the upper walls. A lonely biker passes through. ON the background, an unlit parking building is asleep, like most of the inhabitants of the city.